The Price I Paid For A Cup Of Sugar” A Gripping Story Of Tragic Life Events And Learning To Surrender To God

“Ree’s Chronicles: The Price I Paid for a Cup of Sugar”: a captivating and inspiring story of overcoming a tragic past and placing faith in the Lord. “Ree’s Chronicle: The Price I Paid for a Cup of Sugar” is the creation of published author, Marie Florence, a single mother of three, whose hard work and dedication has earned a master’s degree and, in the near future, a PhD.

“I pray that as you read through this book you will understand what it truly means to become a new person in Christ. Even though I had great parents and was raised with good family values, bad things continued to happen to me, and I found myself at one point not loving myself. My prayer for all people is that there will be something in this book, or the next, that will encourage you to give God a chance in your life—to show that it is Him and Him alone who can give you a complete makeover.”—Marie Florence

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Marie Florence’s new book is the captivating and inspiring account of a young woman, broken from tragic life events, learning to let go of the past and trust in the Lord.

Ree was a lost and broken down young girl. Born into a large family, she often felt unnoticed, unloved, and unappreciated. Ree’s early years were filled with heartache and lead to an emotional breakdown. Ree had been raped at the tender age of twelve and somehow fell in love with the perpetrator. The relationship continued for four years, until she realized that the relationship was not based on love—it was a traumatic state of mind from being victimized for all those years.

Laying in the hospital bed is where God revealed Ree’s purpose and the reasoning behind the suffering.She learned that sharing this story could help other women survive being molested, raped, abused, heartbroken, and many other situations. God directed Ree to write it down, and the rest is in the Lord’s hands.

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