The Preakness Stakes Betting

If you love betting on a thoroughbred horse, you will surely love the Preakness Stakes betting. Preakness Stakes is a prestigious race that are meant for 3-year-old thoroughbred horses which at this early stage are known for having the spirit, agility and execution of speed for racing. Preakness is actually the second and shortest leg of the Triple Crown Series. The first one is the Kentucky Derby, and the third which is the next after Preakness is the Belmont Stakes.

The goal of the race is for the horse to win all these three crowns. Fortunately there are thoroughbred horses that can actually make such accomplishments to win Triple Crown races and these horses are being acknowledged for their distinguished traits being used to win even just one of these prestigious races.

The Preakness Stakes run every third Saturday of May every year at the Baltimore, Maryland, United States specifically at the vicinity of Pimlico Race Course. If you are interested to make a Preakness States betting it is advisable to visit some online sportsbook site on the internet as this can tell you enough information on the how everything works with this kind of races prior placing a bet to a certain horse. Online betting sites that caters Preakness Stakes betting can give you enough information to understand the wagering rules nad allow you to even play online for fun. That is why horse betting aficionados should pony up their bets at their favorite sportsbooks online and make this year’s Preakness Stakes one to remember and brag about, of course.

Moreover, let this article tell you some tips on what type of wager you can used with your Preakness Stakes betting.

Straight bets. This include the Win, Place and Show and across the board. If you choose Win to bet, that means your picked horse must finishes the race first. Place bet, on the other hand, means you win if your chosen horse finishes the race first or second. While the Show bet, means you collect your winning only if your chosen horse finishes first, second or third.

There are also type of wager that are called Exotic Bets and this includes Daily Double, Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Twin-Trifecta, Pick 3 and Pick 6. Among these types, the basic straight trifecta and the Superfecta are the most popular Preakness Stakes betting type for beginners.

Straight Trifecta means you have to bet on horses who will take the top three places and the Superfecta, on the other hand, is betting on the four horse that…

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