The popularity of Boating Holidays

With the financial crisis eating deep into everyones personal spending power, it isn’t hard to see why holidaying in the UK has become such an obvious choice for so many. Air fares are phenominally high. A family travelling abroad has to get to the cheap package deal they are aiming for. It isn’t cheap to get there. As they are already in the UK, (despite the high cost of petrol), getting to their destination is a lot more wallet friendly.
It comes as no surprise that boating holidays have increased in popularity. Families can drive to somewehere picturesque, like the Norfolk Broads, hire a boat for a week, and pretty much sail off into the sunset.Being self catering, families can spend as much as they cab afford on food and drink at supermarket prices. I was mazed myself at how much cheaper my boating holiday was than a foreign excursion.I went away with three friends on a four birth canal boat. The cost for a week was a little over £1500 for everything. I included petrol costs of getting to Norfolk, ( where we were boating from), and provision costs from supermarkets as we boated around the Broads. This was in August, which was peak holiday time. We were looking at over £600 each to get to somewehere like Spain or Cyprus, again self catering. A foreign holiday looked like costing near £3000 as a group. Around twice the price of our Boating adventure.
What really seems to sell boating holidays to holiday makers, is the freedom you feel as you travel around the waterways. The beautiful countryside that seems hidden from you as you live your city or town life. I have also been surprised at the amount of people who agree with me regarding the quality of sleep you get moored up in some quiet part of the country. I can honestly say I have never slept better. A holiday where you actually return to the norms of life actually feeling rested.
There are no end of restaurants and bars in easy reach of various mooring facilities for those who want a bit of partying. I think this adds a valuable option for those who like to let their hair down.
The financial crisis may well grow the UK’s holiday ecomnomy. I think that outside of the financial benefits of this, it will also encourage many to appreciate the country they live in a lot more, and realise that you don’t have to que in airports, haul luggage endlessly round taxi ranks, and try to sleep in the noisiest part of some foreign hoiliday hot spot. The Uk offers everything here, and at an affordable price. The…

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