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Re: “What does the GOP stand for right now?” [Opinion, Aug. 1]: The GOP stands for letting people make decisions on running their lives, versus the Democrats, who believe government should dictate the rules for virtually every aspect of people’s lives. The GOP stands for letting all citizens better their lives by taking initiative and working to achieve prosperity, versus the Democrats, who believe in egalitarianism to the extent that political correctness is allowed to supersede rules that apply to most citizens, and instead give special advantages to certain groups. Both parties believe in a safety net for the sick and aged, and a good education system for our children, but the Democrats want to achieve that by spending unlimited funds on government institutions, while Republicans believe that costs should be controlled by allowing private enterprise to find economical ways of providing services within budget limits.

— Oliver Watson, Orange

Government is your Uncle Sam, not your dad

Republicans and the GOP should be the real party of the small businessman and the working taxpayer. My father, the late great Congressman John H. Rousselot, was a staunch Republican Party member, but even more of a libertarian at heart. As a kid, I learned that government is your Uncle Sam, not your dad to solve all your problems. Government had a purpose, and, for him, a job he loved, but the real power and source of progress in America was in its people, not its rulers.

I would consider myself a Reagan Republican and consider Ronald Reagan the greatest president in my lifetime. Reagan and the true GOP made us feel good about ourselves and reminded us to rely on each other and ourselves — not to seek cradle-to-grave entitlements from the government.

As for the health care system, though it wasn’t broken, it needed lots of tweaking, but Obamacare became an abomination. The true GOP would find a marketplace solution to the health care fiasco.

— Craig Rousselot, Rancho Santa Margarita

It is a grand old disappointment

I have been a conservative thinker/voter since Reagan’s election in 1980, switching, at times, from the Grand Old Party to Libertarian and independent during that time. I was profoundly disappointed by the lack of Republican campaign support in California, which put forth pathetic and duplicitous RINOs. Uncomfortable with the pronounced anti-American, corrupt and Marxist positions of the Democratic Party, I have had no real choice but to support…

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