The Note: Can Republicans stanch the bleeding on health bill?


  • Next steps for President Trump‘s travel ban could be decided today. It’s the end of the Supreme Court‘s term today and the court is expected to decide on whether to take up Trump’s travel ban when it returns in the fall or let the circuit court decisions stand.
  • Brace for another Supreme Court pick battle? Washington is on alert for a possible retirement announcement that would change the court in a “YUGE” way. There’s high speculation that it could be swing-vote Justice Anthony Kennedy.
  • A crucial week for health care. The Congressional Budget Office score is expected early this week. Some GOP senators are waiting for the formal analysis before making their final decision on the bill..
  • Are we rushing things? Senate GOP leadership wants a vote on the health care bill by Friday, before Congress takes off to celebrate July Fourth.
  • THE TAKE with ABC News’ Rick Klein

    “Forget about votes; this has nothing to do with votes,” President Trump declared in one of his recent Fox News interviews. The president is right but also very wrong. Of course, it’s all about the votes in the Senate, with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell trying to orchestrate a Kabuki dance with a limited number of moves. When it comes to the president’s involvement, “We’re trying to hold him back a little bit,” Majority Whip John Cornyn told reporters, with a smile, on Sunday. (Maybe that’s because the president is calling the House bill he once celebrated “mean,” even while his super PAC allies go to war with one of the “very fine senators” who might say the same about the current bill.) Yet as the focus turns to deal-making, this is not really about handouts or kickbacks. This bill is deadly serious policy; it could be law by the end of the week, with the House poised to capitalize on any Senate momentum. This is where political muscle is measured, in influencing this week on actual votes, not at vague points in the run-up to 2018. The human consequences will jostle…

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