The National Remodeling Foundation Provides Tips On Selecting A Legitimate Contractor

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left many homes with major damage, much from floodwaters. With moist conditions mold spores can grow and multiply and extensive mold contamination can cause health problems

Homes in Texas and Florida continue to be in severe states of disrepair following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. It can be tempting for homeowners to quickly hire contractors to be able to get back to their homes as soon as possible. Natural disasters bring unique contractor situations to the areas affected, and there are ample opportunities for homeowners to get taken advantage of or scammed.

Once homeowners have established what their insurance will cover, it is time to start looking for a contractor. Below are some tips from the National Remodeling Foundation on how to select a reliable and legitimate contractor.

“A little research and some patience will go a long way to make sure you are hiring the right contractor for your rebuilding,” said Steve Kleber, president of the National Remodeling Foundation. “My wife is from Florida and we know first-hand the damage a hurricane can do to a home. We hope you find this information helpful and the NRF is here to help you along the way.”


Look for a local, established company. While local contractors may be backlogged with the volume of work following the hurricanes, out of town contractors present several potential problems. Natural disasters attract companies from all over the country looking for work. The reality is that some companies may be scammers. Even if they are legitimate companies, homeowners may face difficulties if any problems occur or warranty work is needed in the months and years to come if they hire contractors from a different state. Contractors in your area are most familiar with local building codes and have an established network of local suppliers and specialty contractors.

The State of Texas does not require general contractors to be licensed, but consumers can check with their local municipality’s building department to make sure the company is registered to do business within the town. Florida, however, does require a company to hold a contractor’s license. That license can be verified on the Florida Department of Business…

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