The Most Popular Way To Make Prank Phone Calls Online by Amelisa Metis

April fool’s day is coming soon. If you have plans to trick your friend, then crank call is one of the best ways of doing so. Among numerous sites that can be found online, one such example is that helps you to trick your friends through their online portal. The site offers the following functionalities:

– Choose the Caller ID number for the prank

– Prank any phone in the USA or Canada

– Disguise your prank in 11 different voices

– Schedule prank calls – increase the prank fun

Prank Call Guidelines:

Good prank calls are a lot of fun, and can be the source of enjoyment for both the parties involved. The word “Good” is the important aspect in the prank call guidelines as it defines the boundary of the prank call that is limited to having fun and not to cause torment or demean anyone. Experienced Pranksters will generally move on to other forms of entertainment, such as literature and music. There are many types of Prank Calls such as funny calls, spoof calls, and others. You need to have empathy and understand that your actions do not torment any particular person, just so that you can have fun.

Reason to Prank:

Prank calls means that recipients are to be fooled in one way or the other. Funny calls, Nuisance and spoof calls come under one category and are intended to have fun. Occasionally, prank callers will attempt to sell recordings of their calls for money. This happens without the recipient person’s consent and is means to embarrass them.

On the other hand, threatening and harassment calls fall into the other category. It may be for a cause of revenge or to intimidate the recipient. Filing a case against the prankster may leave him behind bars. However, unless there is evidence that a serious incident could occur as a direct result of these phone calls the authorities are powerless to help.

Funny calls and tricks:

Good prank is to call a Chinese restaurant and ask for some junk food; also suggest that they must have that on their menu. One…

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