The Model Software as a Service And ASP

And as for the users of IT solutions, it is not easy to navigate amongst the vast majority of alternative products, services and models, applicable in relation to solving their business problems, this article will focus on the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of software as a service.


What is the model SaaS?


SaaS is software developed and provided by the supplier company, which is available for the end user via Internet. Unlike traditional packet of applications that users install on their computers or servers, the provider owns the software and provides access to computers and preserves their data in the system. The user pays only a monthly fee for its use. With this service it is not necessary to purchase additional hardware or infrastructure for the software. The model saves the consumer company money for advisory services relate with the software installation. If the end user does not find the service useful, you may withdraw it at any time without losing anything.


The model SaaS has advantages over the alternative of buying software. It is not necessary to install the product on each computer individually, which saves time. Deployment of SaaS takes from 3 to 6 months depending on complexity and size of the solution. Updates are carried out centrally and the company always has the latest version without any effort and costs.


What is common between models SaaS and ASP?


As a model the “software rental” evolved from the ASP (Application Service Provider) product. ASP appeared in the 90’s and followed a similar idea. ASP, however, tried to be everything for all people and eventually it choked from the weight of its own infrastructure. In an effort to meet the unique needs of each customer, this form loses the ability to provide services at affordable prices.


Today’s successful vendors solved this problem and they avoid the mistakes of ASP. Instead of being everything for everyone, they turned to the idea of one software to…

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