The Mindful Notebook, Designed to Help People Focus and Fosters Awareness, Launches on Kickstarter

It helps me be more organized and focus on my goals for the day, whether it’s my goal as a dad, a husband or a businessman

The Mindful Notebook, designed to foster internal awareness and improve the quality-of-life for every user, has just launched on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

“The notebook project is a tool we are putting into the world that we can all use to help us live better lives,” said Brody Van Brocklin. “Like in my own life, we all get super-busy using technology. We want to stay in touch and grow our brand or businesses, but it can also be very distracting. The Mindful Notebook is designed to help each of us stay grounded in a very fast-pace, tech-driven world.”

The Mindful Notebook includes three primary elements: a daily thought and/or quote at the top of each page, a creative place and a daily gratitude section for use at the end of each day.

“The daily thought is designed to help each of us kickstart the day and get us thinking, while the creative space is the traditional notebook section where we jot down all the tasks and plan our days,” Brody said. “The final piece, the daily gratitude section, is really important. It’s easy to forget the good that happens to us each day, so this section gives each of us a way to reconnect to what’s really important to us – and to stop and be grateful for those positive moments.”

Corso Co-founder Ryan Treft says that overall, the Mindful Notebook has helped him become more grounded, while still getting his important work tasks done.

“It helps me be more organized and focus on my goals for the day, whether it’s my goal as a dad, a husband or a businessman,” Treft said. “The Mindful Notebook is really the first step in disconnecting from the tech world to see where you’re really at each day.” Dan Scott, Associate Publisher at MINDFUL SPOKESPERSON AT 2:20 IN VIDEO says Corso’s concept was a “perfect match” for his company.

“Their whole concept works well with our mission and what we’re trying to do, which is to remember to ground ourselves a bit amid all these visual experiences,” Scott said. “It’s easy to be sucked into the speed of what’s in front of our face, so the Mindful Notebook gives us a…

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