The meaning of environment protection to the Chinese enterprises

According to the media in the United States, if the Chinese enterprises intend to maintain a sustainable development, the issue of environment protection must be paid due attention to.  

  All the human beings have to face the issue of how to protect the environment on which human beings depend for a survival and how to maintain a sustainable development question, including the Chinese enterprises. In a sense, the sustainable development has a stronger practical significance to Chinese enterprises not only because China is a great energy consumes and a great carbon emitter and therefore it has to face up with the serious pollution and environment worsening question, moreover the Chinese economic output is also increasing fast, which may produce  bigger environment pressure. At the same time, China occupies the world front row in the clean energy, for example the wind power turbine and the solar energy board manufacture and the use aspect. In clean coal, nuclear technology and in new energy automobile development, it also will demonstrate he strong competitive power. Because the environment question damages so fiercely and deeply, the improvement of environment can increase people’s blessing practically, and also only then there will be big enough improvement space. In this way, more opportunities will be created for the development of the enterprises. As to the Chinese enterprises, the sustainable development also has another meaning, that is, besides environment and resources sustainable, there also must be some development in the system construction, the cultural inside story, the enterprise citizen as well as social responsibility. These achievements can help the enterprises to prosper and survive in the market for a longer time.

  Chinese Enterprise is the new armed force in global economy and it has congenital deficiency in the aspects of idea, in the talented person, management flow innovation and technology. During the initial period of the…

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