The Leader in Online Learning, The Great Courses Plus, Announces Partnership with National Geographic Live to Provide New World-Class Educational Content

The Great Courses Plus is the leader in lifelong learning.

There are many lifelong learners who look to National Geographic as a trusted source of enriching information…

The Great Courses Plus is excited to expand their unparalleled educational experience by partnering with National Geographic Live, National Geographic’s touring speaker series, to bring users new, exciting content. The educational series will feature thought-provoking presentations by today’s leading explorers, scientists, photographers, and performing artists. The partnership will provide high-value content, expand audience reach, and help The Great Courses Plus maintain its position as the top trusted source for online home learning material.

The new series will be an exciting addition to the award-winning content The Great Courses Plus already provides. In “Amazing Animals, Plants, and Insects,” listeners can join renowned scientists and photographers to travel the world and discover the most fascinating, mysterious and exotic species on the planet. “The Space, Technology and Discovery” feature follows scientists and inventors into the future to learn about breakthroughs just on the horizon and how these innovations will change life as we know it. The new material rounds out an extensive library of over 350 series produced by The Great Courses Plus, and solidifies its position as the leader in lifelong learning.

National Geographic is one of the world’s largest scientific and educational institutions and through this partnership, The Great Courses Plus will reach an expanded audience. “There are many lifelong learners who look to National Geographic as a trusted source of enriching information,” said Cale Pritchett, Vice President of Marketing for The Great Courses. “This partnership will build on that trust and introduce many new users to The Great Courses Plus,” he added.

National Geographic Live and the Great Courses Plus are thrilled to share the new material with their growing audience of lifelong learners. The series is now available and can be found online at

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