The Keli Network Launches Seven Original Shows on Facebook Watch

The Keli Network­– the media company known for its category-leading, video-first social channels such as Gamology, Genius Club, Beauty Studio and OhMyGoal – today announced the launch of seven original shows exclusive to Facebook Watch, with the company planning to add more to its roster in the coming months. These original shows, which will be branded under Keli’s respective social channels, will consist of programming on topics ranging from soccer freestyle battling to body painting to gaming trivia.

The slate of programming is uniquely poised to drive views and engagement, as the subject matter of each show launched by the media company was conceptualized using robust trend analysis and performance data and will be promoted via Keli’s network of influencers, who will add to the shows’ reach by tapping into their network of followers. For example, Freestyle Ultimate Battle– an OhMyGoal branded show that will consist of freestyle soccer battles between world-famous freestylers, was conceived after Keli identified the topic as trending and monitored the efficacy of several Keli-produced videos on the topic. The show will feature influencers such as Freestyle World Champion Sean Garnier.

“We are extremely excited to be focusing on producing original content,” said Michael Philippe, founder and CEO of The Keli Network. “As the media industry shifts toward mobile and social, we know that producing original content for these platforms will be the key to building the next generation of media brands. Those that capitalize on this shift now will have a great opportunity to move to the forefront of the industry.”

Watch, launched in September by Facebook, is designed to feature high-quality, long-form, episodic content from a select group of content producers. Other shows from Keli include Fitness Challenge, Beauty Wow, Beauty Hacks, Pixel Heroes, Gaming Facts, and It’s Craft Time. The initial episodes of Freestyle Ultimate Battle and Pixel Heroes have already reached over 1 million views respectively, placing each as a top performer on Watch.

“We created this lineup of programming specifically with the Watch platform in mind,” continued Philippe. “Our Facebook content has traditionally focused on short-form content around 60…

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