The Joy of Making a Dream Come True

I’ve talked a lot over the years of making your dreams, your heart’s passions, come true in your life in one form or another. You might not make it on Broadway, but you can always act in your local theatre. I’m not a famous singer with thousands of adoring fans, but I did sing the National Anthem in front of 2500 people at our local AA Baseball game.

Sometimes touching a dream is all we can do, and the very act of reaching for it stretches us and helps us grow. Every time we reach for a dream we get a little farther along our path.

Sometimes we know the outcome before it happens. I was pretty sure when I tried out for the Anthem that I would get called. Sometimes we don’t know. We have a great idea and we know it is worth pursuing. We put our hearts and souls into it because it is the right thing to do, whatever the outcome may be. We leap and trust that the net will appear before we hit the ground.

There has been much controversy over the last year or so about the movie and book “The Secret” and The Law of Attraction. Some believe that if you hold an idea firmly enough in your mind it will manifest in real life. Others claim that is a dangerous notion, because you have to work before anything can happen. Just believing isn’t enough.

I agree. With both, actually. If you want something badly enough, you will take steps toward it. If you want it but can’t see it, can’t visualize it, you will have a much harder time manifesting it because you are not clear on what you want. If you don’t believe you can do it or that you deserve it, you will fight yourself every time you get close.

When you can see it and believe in it, you will want to act on it. It is those three things working together- Vision, Belief, and Action that will bring you the things you want. Affirmations, self hypnosis, prayer, scrap books and collages of our desires, all of these help us focus our attention on our dreams, and it is that focused attention that will take us closer to…

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