The Iris Video Phone – Bringing People Miles Away Closer To Each Other

We all want to stay in touch with our loved ones, whether they are around the country or outside of the country. Your loved ones might be miles away, but these days you can stay connected with them more easily thanks to the capability of modern technology. The Iris video phone is also one of the most advanced pieces of technology that is breaking down all geographic boundaries. With this video phone, you will gain the ability to talk to your family and friends from around the world and even see them while you talk.

The convenience of talking over the telephone and cost savings have been combined with face to face communication by this video phone from ACN Inc. This video phone will really change the way you have been communicating with people because you will be able to see who you are speaking to on the phone’s 7-inch digital screen. No matter how many miles away your loved ones might be, with the Iris video phone you can easily stay in touch with them.

If your business associates are two continents away, then it isn’t always feasible for you to fly to them every time you need to have a meeting. However, since the Iris digital video phone has video conferencing capability, it will enable you to conduct face-to-face meetings with your business associates at any. Face to face communication is certainly the best way to stay connected with business associates, and the Iris video phone makes it possible.

The advancement in VoIP technology is the major reason behind the advent of video phone networks and video phones. Thus, the Iris digital phone from ACN basically combines video and video conferencing capabilities with VoIP technology that has existed for quite a long time. These days, benefits of video VoIP service can be enjoyed by just about everyone by using video VoIP phones like the Iris video phone. This phone gives you an exciting and new way to stay in touch with your loved ones, since it connects via a high-speed internet connection and you can use it anywhere.

Making long distance calls on the Iris digital video phone will be considerably cheaper since this video VoIP phone connects over the internet. Therefore, by taking advantage of this revolutionary telephony device you will be able to save hundreds of dollars on the phone calls you make. The Iris video phone has made it significantly cheaper to communicate across the globe while offering exceptional audio and video quality.

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