The iphone To Make Another Round Of Tech News Rumors

The tech news platforms are again heating up with news of a new iphone. This is not something new considering the time is ripe for another round of iphone launch. Remember this is the time when a new device or an upgraded model is introduced every year. Many boggers and tech sites have started their rounds of predicting the new device but their easy work is now spoilt by the news of another cheaper version of the smartphone. It is projected to capture the price sensitive markets of the developing countries and then there is the obvious new phone.

First we go through the cheaper model. What it is intending to do? Definitely catch up on other smartphone companies’ sales figures in the more price sensitive markets. Consider the Asian market. Apple has in recent times built a strong presence there but it is nowhere the super demand that HTC or Samsung has. Their revenue has grown by 250% in India alone but when compared it is still less. Why? Iphone is priced at $ 600 and above for a latest model. Samsung has been launching models in the range of $400 with minimal reduction in features. So when one is going through price comparison Apple is surely at a loss. What will be the new model?

With less sturdy build up and minus some trivial features the price can be matched and so that is what is expected there. Even these devices have a good business prospect in Africa, one of the fastest emerging markets for computers and internet uses. A good camera, some decent apps are all that is needed to catch up and that is easier to make. There are no new ideas involved, no new concept is used and the model is tested for success. You can get a real deal where sales figure is concerned. The possible loss?Reduction in famed Apple aura the world so reveres. This is the model to launch first but in selective regions only. You can expect that by September.

The next leap of technology in smartphone will not come near to this release. You can expect an early ’14 release for iphone…

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