The interdependence of latest movies and theaters

We all love movies and keep remembering them over at intervals in our lives. It reminds us of the times we spent, both good and bad. We particularly associate the specific time periods with them and it serves as a reminder of a certain phase in our life. But the enthusiasm and excitement the release of the latest movies generates is unmatched and everybody wants to know about the new releases. There are a lot of movies which release on every Friday and there are plenty of options from which one can choose his or her pick of the week. With the recent popularity of English films, a whole new set of audience has started going to theaters on weekends to have a glimpse of their screen idol. Inox is the largest theater chain in India and releases English films along with Hindi films and regional films on the continuous basis.

They have theaters all over India and films from various languages are screened in their cinema halls. Not only English films but also South movies have started getting a wide screen release throughout the nation. This trend accounts for the huge popularity of films from South which have certainly got their respective fan base evenly distributed across India and abroad. With new movies releasing every Friday (sometimes even on Wednesday and Thursday), there is a constant buzz on the entertainment circuit. Globalization has affected the economy greatly and a lot of people have found employment with various companies (Indian and MNCs). This work culture calls for the employees to work hard on weekdays and they want to want to have good time at weekends ; so that they catch up with the fun and entertainment around.

Clearly, films are the major source of entertainment in India and audiences from every class goes to the theaters regularly for having a good time. From early days, films have been quite popular among the youth and they happen to be a major target audience of recent releases. These movies also feature a new breed of talented actors who…

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