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In today’s business environment where businesses are doing their best to enhance efficiency and profitability, no measures are spared in order to increase productivity and business success. If an organization is to out-perform itself, then it needs to enhance productivity and revenues to improve specific skill sets of its employees. Therefore, one of the tools that corporations engage in to enhance the skills of employees is to engage corporate training consultancy and organize corporate training workshops.

The Injazat Institute is one of the leading Career Development, Training and Management institution which is situated in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It features business-oriented career development initiative that aims to support organizations to improve their business performance through high quality training management and best practice consulting in Training and Development disciplines.  Hence, let’s have a sneak peak of the services offered by The Injazat Institute: 

 (1) UAE National Development – Where there exists a private sector organization for training UAE nationals named Injazat Data System. Committed in supporting UAE national development through highly skilled professionals and various effective programs, it includes highly efficacious career development plans, talent management, continual assessment and feedback, evaluation of training, rewards and recognitions, etc. Such training and development programs make a significant contribution to the organizations success.

(2) Leadership Development Training – The Injazat Institute has a diverse high impact leadership programs at multiple levels of training within the course. From executive workshops to team building, expertise coaching for leaders and soft-skills training, they support the organization and individuals to become skilled leaders and meet current and future business needs.

(3) Training Consultancy – This corporate training program will coach employees in higher positions, as well as general employees of the firm. Covering a complete training cycle right from identifying training needs to providing and delivering an effective solution that meets the organizations needs. Skilled training specialists will support employees all the way ensuring that the training is focused on real training needs with real benefits to the organization.

(4) Project Management Training – The Injazat Institute is a Global Registered Education Provider (GREP) for the Project Management Institute…

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