The Importance of the Landing Page

If you have a website for your business than chances are you already know what a landing page is. These pages, sometimes referred to as “lead capture page” or a “lander,” are the page your advertisements link people back to. Considering that many times this is a potential customers first introduction to your website and business, they are a critical component of your marketing plan.

Proper landing pages will do three things for your business:

1.  They help to generate leads, sales and business

2.  Visitors will appreciate and love how easy it is to find what they wanted

3.  They increase conversion rates which puts more money in your pocket from your advertising campaign

4.  Make it easy to track page traffic from a particular ad and monitor how it affects sales

Distilled down, there are two kinds of landing pages:

Reference: Presents information relevant to the pay per click advertising the user clicked on. These are predominantly used to push sales for specific items or services.

Transactional: Which attempts to persuade the visitor to complete some form of transaction (such as filling out a form) or interact within the website. The goal of these landing pages is to gather information for lead generation.

These two types send a visitor to your website with a very specific idea on their brain. What idea is that? Whatever the ad was about of course! You already know exactly what they have in mind because you wrote the contents of the ad yourself.

You see, unlike what many businesses believe, your home page is not meant to convert visitors into leads or sales. It’s a happy byproduct of course, but the job of leads and sales rests with other resources. Your home page is meant to present all of your products and information to a visitor and help them find the pages they need to inform themselves and learn more about a product and how to buy it.

Landing pages are much more specific. Whither it’s through purl landing pages in an email or adirect mail landing page on brochures, you are sending a user with a predetermined mindset.

Consider an ad in the paper for half off on paper towels. If you’re interested, you already know what you want. You want paper towels and you want half off on it now! This is exactly what a click ad does. Online marketing has the beauty of being able to directly send their visitor to what they want via purl landing pages. It’s like dropping them off right at the aisle in front of the product they want so they can decide…

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