The Hiking Trail For The Suwanee Greenway

The Suwanee Greenway Trail was used to be called Black Creek and the trail’s length is a 9.5 mile stretch to complete. This habitat was destroyed by tanning chemicals in 1873 until the Bona Allen Tannery was closed in the 1970’s. The trail starts at Gwinnet County’s George F. Pierce Park which features picnic areas, ball fields, and streams in its 300-acre area. The trail has several access points where you can start. Yet, the starting boundary from start to finish is at the George Pierce Park on the north side to the south end at the Suwanee Park which encompasses 85 acres of area. Suwanee Creek is surrounded by trees and shrubs along with its wildlife such as waterfowls and birds.

At Pierce Park’s parking area, proceed to take the initial steps on a dirt road to the north. There is also an entrance on the left about 0.1 of a mile after you walk into a forest following the paved road. The footpath starts a descent to the Suwanee Creek’s tributary and as you move further on the trail take a right turn where it leads you to the nature trail sign. Turn left from here where you will pass by a sign which has the Rules of the Road information marking the start of the multi-featured trail.

Enter the forest into a gravel road which descends to a wetland near the Suwanee Creek. Passing by a bench, the pathway continues to swerve right until reaching a footbridge with metal railings and wooden slabs. After this bridge, the trail joins the wetland for the first time and at around 1.2 miles the pathway curves left onto another wooden bridge crossing the Suwanee Creek.

Halfway on this footbridge, the trail turns right and joins an asphalt road. Turn left and move straight to an underpass. Then the path continues to Suwanee Greenway making a left turn prior to curving to Suwanee Creek’s floodplain on the west. The pathway continues to Martins Farm Road, an area where migratory birds inhabit. The Greenway continues to approach beaver dam wherein at 4 miles on the pathway, the last section of the bridge ends as it proceeds to a garden where the path splits into two trails.

The path straight ahead is for cyclists while the one on the right proceeds to Suwanee Creek Park. Move along as the trail comes to a four-way intersection where a parking lot is located at the right. Go straight ahead on the pathway that leads you to some picnic tables. Proceed to Buford Highway which loops to a forest cove crossing a wooden bridge over a gully. Go past the pavilion…

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