The Health Collaborative and Independent Physicians Collaborative Partner to Improve Health Data Exchange Between Independent Providers and Health Systems

Exceptional patient care would be the ability of any patient and their doctor to access their health records when they need it, regardless of organizational boundaries.

The Health Collaborative and the Independent Physicians Collaborative, two local organizations working to improve regional health and healthcare, have launched a new partnership to take the next big step in regional patient health data exchange.

The Interoperability Improvement Initiative, or i3 project, will ensure a patient’s comprehensive medical data is available to the right doctor, at the right time, improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs.

Currently, data exchange initiatives between independent providers and health systems can be inefficient to address needs present universally in the community. There is inconsistency in participation from independent providers, rules, utilization of Direct Messaging technology, and a centralized data governance process. These challenges to accessing data affect the quality of care doctors in the region can provide their patients.

The i3 project aims to change this for the region by developing uniform data exchange standards for health systems and independent providers in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. i3 will develop standardized protocol for exchanging referral and transition of care data, as well as physician-to-physician communication using Direct Messaging, allowing area physicians to participate equally in the exchange of patient data.

“This partnership is an unprecedented opportunity for our region to improve regional data exchange,” says Glen Prasser, Executive Director of the Independent Physicians Collaborative, which represents nearly 600 independent physicians and approximately 1,000,000 patients in the region. “Patients are routinely seen by both hospital system and independent physicians. It’s critical that physicians have immediate access to patient care data regardless of where the medical services took place. The i3 project will improve patient care, experience and reduce costs through sharing of healthcare data bi-directionally between all health systems and all independent providers through The Health Collaborative HealthBridge service line.”

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