The Globes’ dress ‘blackout’ is causing designer chaos

Hollywood is prepared to make a powerful statement tonight with actresses and actors choosing to wear black to the Golden Globes — a sign of solidarity with the women speaking out against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

But while the message is all about sisterhood and unity, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still competition to look the best.

“The conversations we’ve had in the past couple of weeks [are], ‘How do I make myself stand out in the sea of [black on] the red carpet?’ ” explained stylist Melis Kuris, who has dressed celebrities including Aaron Paul, Ian Somerhalder and Keke Palmer for events on the red carpet.

“While [the message is] about solidarity, there’s still a feeling of wanting to get on the best-dressed list and wanting to get attention,” said fashion publicist Daniel Huipe. “It’s going to be more about accessorizing, textures and things like that, so that while making a statement, you make a statement for yourself.”

It’s up to folks in the fashion industry to somehow make every nominee, presenter and attendee look great — and stand out with a unique style — amid a sea of funereal black.

After all, no brand wants to fall victim to a last-minute switch because someone else is wearing a similar outfit — a move that made headlines in 2013 when Anne Hathaway swapped her Valentino gown for a Prada number after hearing that Amanda Seyfried’s look resembled her intended pick.

“I can’t afford to risk a stylist and a celebrity being upset at us, so we definitely make sure nothing goes out that is similar,” Antonio Estebán, co-founder of Style PR, who has worked with stylists for Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, told The Post. “For the most part, anything that I bring in from all of my designers stands out on its own.

“There is one dress that I had to put away this year because a celebrity wanted a custom dress made and we used a previous dress as a reference,” he added. “We pulled out [the reference dress] so that no one would wear a similar style.”

Typically, designers look forward to awards season as a showcase for their spring lines. A few moments on the red carpet leads to priceless free advertising in the form of the show itself (some 20 million viewers watched the Globes last year) plus all the follow-up news clips and photos that run online and in print.

But given the lack of black in most designers’ spring collections, there just aren’t enough new dresses…

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