The Gillespie Group’s Protective Industrial Polymers (PIP) Flooring Installation

This success, however, has not come without its challenges. Among the most critical the company faced was a flooring solution for 15,500 square feet at their newest building on 52nd street in Manhattan, where food products are warehoused.

Having previously experienced a flooring failure at its Long Island City location only six months after installation, FreshDirect contacted The Gillespie Group, a NJ-based commercial flooring company. It was through their comprehensive assessment and suggested remedy of the problem that FreshDirect was motivated to contract The Gillespie Group to assess, recommend and install the flooring for their New York City location.    

Mike Tuzel, LEED AP, Project Manager – Facility Design & Development, FreshDirect needed to resolve a number of flooring issues that plagued the Manhattan facility, including a mix of concrete and plywood flooring substrates that varied throughout each level. FreshDirect wanted the new surface to be seamless and easy-to-clean as well as durable and slip-resistant; and it didn’t want to worry about leaks or spillage seeping through to the level below. Because of the project’s considerable size, they also needed a cost-effective solution.

John Gillespie, Vice President of Operations for The Gillespie Group, explains the approach: “We applied two test patches, free of charge, at FreshDirect’s Manhattan facility. One was PIP and a second in another flooring product to determine the best option. We also do a lot of analysis and background work to determine what type of wear and conditions the floor will be subjected to. This data and information enables us to confidently specify the best product for the project.”

The Company chose PIP’s Protect UC-RP, a self-priming, three or four (with colorpack) component, slurry grade, Rapid Placement Heavy Duty Urethane Concrete Mortar. Protect UC-RP is formulated specifically for ease of placement and leveling properties, while maintaining the durability required for demanding environments. Protect UC-RP is typically installed at 3/16” to 1/4” thickness, and has tensile strength that is conducive to a plywood surface. Installation over plywood was required for FreshDirect’s offices—and UC-RP retains its flexibility and does not…

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