The Force is strong with this family’s ‘Star Wars’-themed Christmas card

The Force is strong with this family’s “Star Wars”-themed Christmas card.

Photographer Josh Rossi has done it again, this time perfectly re-creating “The Last Jedi” movie posters with his wife and two children to delight their friends and family’s mailboxes.

Josh Rossi
Photographer Josh Rossi of Salt Lake City re-created “The Last Jedi” movie posters with his wife and two children.

“I’m a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan and my wife has been asking me to do some pictures of us so I went all out this year,” Rossi, 33, of Salt Lake City, told ABC News. “I wanted to do this with my daughter for a couple years now, but she was too young to do all the poses I’d want her to do. It just didn’t make sense because she couldn’t hold the light saber. I’ve been waiting forever to do this one, and now is the perfect time.”

Josh Rossi
Nellee “The First Born” Rossi, 4, poses for her “Star Wars”-themed movie poster.

The proud dad said his creative photography is his favorite “family fun activity.”

Josh Rossi
Josh “The Father” Rossi poses for his “Star Wars”-themed movie poster.
Josh Rossi
Roxana “The Mother” Rossi poses for her “Star Wars”-themed movie poster.

“It’s so unique,” he said. “Afterward, it’s so fun to have these memories and print out these photos. I don’t know what the reaction will be from my daughter and son when they grow up and see all these wacky photos from when they’re little.”

His daughter, Nellee, 4, has been the star of her dad’s handiwork several times now, posing as Wonder Woman and also Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” alongside Rossi as the Beast.

“She thinks it’s normal to have these dresses and costumes now,” he said with a laugh. “She thinks that everybody does this.”

Josh Rossi
Josh Rossi’s daughter, Nellee, 4, proudly holds her family’s “Star Wars”-themed Christmas card.

For Josh Jr., his 1-year-old son, this is his debut in front of the lens.

Josh Rossi
Josh “Mr. No Sleep” Rossi, 1, poses for his “Star Wars”-themed movie poster.

“I want to take all these photos and put them in a story book to teach them lessons to have for their kids,” said Rossi. “Every photo shoot I’ve done had a meaning. Wonder Woman was to empower Nellee, then ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was to show her how much I love her for Valentine’s Day, and this one is more family-centered around Christmas. They’re always based around a holiday and togetherness. I want them to have these life and…

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