The First Modular Smart Outlet Swidget Reaches Funding Goal in 3 Days

Today, Swidget announced that its Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund a highly configurable smart home platform has met its funding goal in less than three days. Minimalist in design, Swidget replaces your traditional wall outlet, blending seamlessly into the home and eliminating the need for clunky hardware. The device functions like any other electrical outlet, but includes an added feature that allows homeowners to add a variety of smart home functionalities via easily replaceable inserts.

The outlet itself can be installed in minutes using your home’s existing wiring. Once installed, it can be easily customized to fit the needs of any user. A cavity at the center of the outlet houses user-friendly smart inserts that can be swapped without any tools. Initial Swidget inserts will include WiFi, video cameras, motion and temperature sensors, Bluetooth speakers, carbon monoxide sensors, aromatherapy, nightlights, USB ports, and more.

“The smart home space today is highly fragmented and filled with clunky hardware that create unsightly homes that look anything but smart. Consumers shouldn’t have to choose between functionality and design,” said Swidget co-founder Lowell Misener. “We see an opportunity to innovate the space with a future-proof product that actually integrates into the home and stays out of the user’s way.”

The beauty of Swidget is that it plans to open up access to developers and smart home manufacturers from day one via an optional developer kit, allowing partners to build on top of the platform while giving homeowners limitless possibilities on how they live and interact with their homes. Chris Adamson, Swidget co-founder adds, “We want to create an entirely new category of hardware that democratizes the smart home industry; think ‘Hardware-as-a-Platform.”

Swidget was invented by two highly qualified engineers who work with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency to design and develop systems for space missions and the International Space Station, the first true “smart home.” With this experience, they have been able to engineer a device that’s not only innovative but also safe and reliable.

Swidget expects to complete all regulatory testing and start shipping next June.

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