The First Cryptocurrency and Hedge Fund Backed by Gold and Diamonds Created by Joe Spinoso of Rabbit Investment, LLC

Rabbit Investment showing Yellow Diamond to Jeff Bezos of Amazon

“We Us All Together …Give to Get…Hop To It”

Rabbit Investment, LLC announces cryptocurrency and hedge fund backed by hard assets of gold and diamonds… all with the added bonus of a flat annual return for account/coin holders, 110% of their “coin” will be asset backed, the assets will be held in a USA based vault, and 100% of the profits used to fund a USA based economic stimulus plan Joe Spinoso calls J.E.S.P. Joe’s Economic Stimulus Plan which revolves around the entertainment industry creating a film studio in most every state to make movies and shows from the people in the state and giving back 100% of the profits in the form of deficit repayments, employment opportunities, and infrastructure spending needs affecting every single person and a healthcare/retirement plan Joe Spinoso calls S.H.A.R.P. Synergistic Healthcare And Retirement Plan for every single US citizen because everyone needs both…. it’s another one of Joe Spinoso’s innovative ideas that offers a WIN WIN WIN for everyone scenario all based off of hard assets. “No more billionaire rich CEOs, this is for the people and not for me…no one needs that much money” Joe Spinoso has pitched his ideas to Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, assorted hedge funds, and Banks of the plans to raise the initial capital to spear head the projects. Joe Spinoso had also emailed the previous two presidents; President Clinton and President Obama on meeting to go over his ideas on job creation and healthcare, but only received generic letters and emails when they were in office. Joe Spinoso has emailed Donald Trump before he was President Trump and again now that he is several times in the past months on the subject matter to help make “America Great Again”… also explaining that cryptocurrencies will drastically affect the world market place if not addressed soon and that major retailers like Amazon and Walmart will likely create their own form of cryptocurrencey to offer customers a place to store their money and shop using the retailers company brand named cryptocurrencey card/online…

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