The Essentials Power Conference Boston

The Boston, Massachusetts event will be held on the last weekend of September hosting a series of leading Healthcare entities, small business professionals, entrepreneurs, and Personal development specialists. In addition, the weekend will feature workshops, live music, spoken word, guest celebrities, and a launch party.

Purpose Health LLC, a consulting services firm offering inspirational conferences, work-life balance and, innovative solutions is proud to be presenting: “The Essential Power Conference”, an event that will showcase the importance of taking care of your overall health: career, spiritual, physical and mental. The event will begin on September 29th, and continue throughout the weekend, and will feature workshops, live music, spoken word, guest celebrities, and an exclusive launch party. The Essential Power Conference is intended to focus on a unique combination of Healthcare Innovation, Small Business Optimization, and Personal Development in order to revolutionize the world of healthcare through thought leadership.

What is Purpose Health?

Purpose Health is a business network and consulting group that provides people with opportunities to share resources for personal growth while promoting talents and success stories through social events, and community outreach. Latonya Allen is the Creative Director of Purpose Health and one of the many masterminds spearheading the conference. She is represented via Zblkharte, an international company with headquarters in Los Angeles that has a shrewd eye for innovation and a powerhouse in the industries of production, artist development, fashion, entertainment, TV and Film. Other business collaborators that are actively participating on the behind the scenes dealings of the conference are: Yve’s Kitchen, Duré, Rebirth, Divine Design, Divine Lay, and The Art of Happiness.

About the Conference

The conference is designed to offer a place of fellowship, networking, and conscious living. It originates from Michael and Herlay Maître’s (CEO and Co-Founders of Purpose Health), vision to show the best of life with talents, gifts, and positive contributions to the world. This celebrity endorsed conference has already reached success in Los Angeles, California – now making its way to Boston, Massachusetts.

The event will take place at the Hilton…

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