The Enjoyment of Yunnan Tea —-The hometown of Chinese black tea and Pu’er tea

Tea-producing area in the Southwest of China

Chinais without a doubt the home town of tea, and because of that there has been a long tradition of tea tree planting and then production of tea.  There are a total of four distinct producing areas of tea which can be divided into climates and tea drinking traditions which are based on socio-economic parts. Those areas include the North and South of theYellow River(Yangtse), the South and Southwest of china.

The oldest producing area of the four is the Southwest producing area.  The Southwest includesChongqing,Sichuan, The North of Yunnan, and the Southwest of Tibet.

The Most Famous Tea-Producing Area In China, Yunnan

If you know about tea producing areas inChinathen you already know thatYunnanis the most famous of them all.Yunnanis where the exquisite Pu-erh tea comes from as well as some other teas such as Green andYunnanblack.Yunnanis located in the Southwest tea producing area ofChina, and it bordersTibet,Guangxi,GuizhouandSichuan.

The location ofYunnanalso has an influence on the tea that is made there. The climate can be that of very warm winters and very cool summers in some areas. Mostly the climate can be called spring-like all year round which is optimal for the tea trees.

Yunnanhas a very appropriate nickname as it is called “the land of tea”, and the people who live there are the descendants of the tea farmers of generations past. The earliest nationality that planted and drank tea was the Puren and they are common ancestor of the Lagu, Deang and Bulang.

There is a love to be felt for the tea in theYunnanarea that goes beyong growing and drinking the tea. The tea that is grown in the area has many uses including as gifts, fetching the bride and of course entertaining guests.

The Uniqueness of The Five Tea Producing Areas OfYunnan

TheYunnanregion is divided into a total of five different areas that produce tea, those areas are: The South of Dian, the West of Dian, theCenterofDian, the…

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