The Different Types of Home Security Window Guards

Need to know the different types of security window bars available? You’ll find three basic forms of security bars: fixed, hinged, and removable. Your selection will be based on the use that you’d want them to serve. Other considerations you should bear in mind when picking security window bars for your house include their ability to resist sawing or tampering, style, and size.


Fixed Home Security Window Bars


Fixed, or non-removable, home security window bars are permanently bolted through the window frames in to the structural framing. These bars are meant for constant, long lasting use, in which the homeowner doesn’t mind having the bars as a permanent feature on the windows and an emergency escape is not a first concern. They come in a large array of styles and sizes, from standard choices to decorative and attractive styles.


Fixed bars are usually the cheapest of most home window guards. They offer a simple, low-tech, economical and highly-effective home security strategy. They are perfect for those basement or ground-level windows which can be hidden by outbuildings or shrubs and otherwise hidden from sight.


Hinged Home Security Window Bars


Hinged, or swing, security bars are created to swing open for cleaning, repair, or for emergency purposes. They are secured by having a padlock latch system or possibly a quick release feature, Keyless Quick Release system, which works perfect for secondary escapes.


Removable Home Security Window Bars


Removable security bars are designed in such a way that they can be completely removed from the windows. They may be typically employed for infrequent or temporary applications for example store fronts and cottage windows. These type of bars can be be extremely handy in securing your home or store when you’re away.


Removable home security window guards are an outstanding choice for homeowners who are looking to abide by local building and fire laws regarding secondary escape routes. These bars have…

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