The Different Kinds of Nut Beads

Beading is a craft that offers optimum rewards. Its popularity has grown to the extent that almost all artisans are offering their own brands of jewelry items. However, because of economic constraints, people are looking for more cost effective materials.  So, realizing that nuts from different kinds of trees can be an alternative material to machine produced beads, they have learned to use materials from nature what we call as nut beads.  These beads come in different kinds and many of them are available at various offline stores or online websites.


Some of the beads located in this store include the following:


Kukui nut beads come from the kukui tree, which is Hawaii’s state tree. The nuts are very useful in the combustion and consumption industries because of their natural oil.  When they are dried, they become so hard that they can be drilled and made into beads for jewelry.  However, their most notable use is for making the traditional leis that Hawaiians wear around their necks.  The leis are also used in other countries during events with the Hawaiian theme.


Tagua nut beads, also called palm ivory or vegetable ivory are from palm trees that grow in the South American rainforest. These pandahall beads got their other names from their color and rock hardness when dried.  Besides being made into beads, they are also used to produce buttons, dominoes and carved figurines after they have been polished to a brilliant luster.


Tagua nut beads have limited availability because the tagua palm tree bears pods only after 15 years.  The rarity of these beads add value to the creation and the jewelry pieces are priced a bit higher than those made with other nut beads.


Betel nut beads, or Salwag are Oreca palms fruits.  The palms are grown in the humid tropical forests of Asia and East Africa.  The fresh fruits are used as a chewable stimulant.  The dried ones are hard and become tough like wood. Because these nut…

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