The development of China electronic glass industry

With the development of communication, computer, digital TV, new display devices, new components, electric light source products to bring new through the old, all kinds of glass products of electronic technology requirements are also more stringent. Electronic glass is one of the manufacturing industry of electronic information product supports industries, its development speed slowly, technical level, directly affect the manufacturing industry of electronic information product development.

  The scope of electronic glass

Electronic glass mainly include: black and white picture tube (including monochrome display tube glass), color picture tube (including color display tube glass); Kinescope electronic glass component (glass tube neck tube, column with glass tube, exhaust pipe, tube with low glass powder and the bracket glass welding); Display device with glass ( LCD ultra-thin glass, ITO conductive glass, glass screen, PDP VFD with glass cover, exhaust pipe ); Electric light source with glass (new electric light source with slide, solar thermal-collecting tube type glass tube ); electric vacuum devices with glass (glass vacuum switch tube bulb, vacuum fluorescent tube VFD with glass cover); Rear projection TV projection tube shell; the new LCOS display device for assembling lens prism glass and optical glass, rear projection TV panel glass.

  Industry status

China’s electronic glass industries in all types of product development is not balanced, color picture tube glass bulb slightly higher levels, mature technology, high rate of finished products, product quality has reached the international level; ITO glass also has many export abroad. But other aspects of electronic glass compared with foreign countries there is still not a small gap: Product design, development capability is not strong; supporting ability is poorer, the key part of raw materials and equipment are imported. With the rapid development of the domestic components, the various types of…

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