The Curse of the Cluttered Counter

Once upon a time, I cleaned the kitchen counter. I looked upon my accomplishment and was amazed at the size and usability of this essential household item. I had no idea that I could actually prepare meals on top of it. Imagine being able to chop vegetables and place pots and pans on top of it. I can use it when cooking dinner. WOW! Whoever thought of counters should get an award. It goes so great in the kitchen. It makes meal preparation so much easier. The only thing I would change, would be the magnetic feature of the counter top.

Confused? You know what I mean. Whenever you clean it off, within 2 days you can’t put anything else on it. It magnetically draws all non-food items to it: mail, papers, magazines, wallets, cats.Wait a minute, did I just say “cats”? “Koko, get off that counter! You know you don’t belong up there!” Perfect, he jumped off the counter and on to the top of the refrigerator. Oh well, at least he’s not on the counter anymore. Now, where was I? Oh yes, whatever does not pertain to food preparation, magically appears on the counter top. You know, I would bet that all the socks that disappear in the washing machine, probably put in an appearance on the counter top.

I think that the counter acts as a clearing house for everything that enters the house. You know how in a store everything enters through the loading dock? Well, I think the counter acts as the loading dock for the house. The only problem is, nothing ever seems to leave it. We come home, put something on the counter and promptly forget about it.

Ever wonder where your screwdriver is, or that important document you need RIGHT NOW? You guessed it, it probably on the counter. Hiding from you. Mocking you. Laughing at you.

Thinking of an excellent home improvement project? Want to make your family proud? How about strapping-on your armor and attacking the counter. Show it who’s boss. You will be glad you did.

Well, I’ve taken a picture of my nice, clean counter. Why? So I know what it…

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