The Combination Of Tiles Have Given A Different Dimension To Interior Decor

Tiling is about laying tiles on the floor, on the patio outside or in the bathroom or kitchen. The work is labor intensive and time consuming. They have been used in homes for thousands of years. They adorn the interior decor of any house, last longer than carpet floors, easily maintained and cost effective.

Types of Tiles

Tiles adorn the home decor due to the kind chosen for the project. Ceramic tiles are commonly used for floors and walls. They are made of silicone and clay. These tiles don’t need any polishing or sealing when lay next to each other. They are available in different types.  Ceramic ones are applied both on the floor and walls.  They are easy maintenance and last longer. They may be glazed or unglazed. The latter ones can stand heavy traffic and are not slippery.  Porcelain tiled is harder than ceramic ones, non porous and frost resistant hence used both indoors and outdoors. They may be matt or glossy based on the polish.  They may be sealed before and after grouting to give a better look.

Stone tiles

Natural stone tiles include granite, marble, slate and sandstone. They come in various designs and are harder than ceramic. They may be honed, riven and polished. Mosaic tiles may be stone, glass or ceramic and use unique materials like steel, shell and stones. Mosaic tiles are popular because they can be fitted to unique shapes in curved walls uneven surfaces and wet rooms. They add a focal point as a panel behind basin or sink in the kitchen. They are also used to border a bathroom and kitchen. 

Choosing tiles

Color coordinating tiles are important as they add depth and texture to a room. Light colors make the smaller rooms look bigger due to more light reflection. Using one color for both floor and walls also adds space to a room. They are sometimes selected based on the floor kind one needs to install. In colder places under tile heat is commonly applied.  In chilly winters a heated floor in the bathroom and kitchen adds comfort. This…

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