The career benefits of teaching english abroad

There are a number of potential career advantages to teaching English to speakers of other languages TESOL as it is also known. 

Cross-Cultural Experience

As we become an increasingly diverse and global society, the ability to work with people from many different cultures and backgrounds becomes a more crucial skill. Teaching English as a second language involves not just working with groups of people different from oneself but often facilitating communication between different cultural groups if the ESL class is a mixed one.

International Experience

Teaching English to speakers of other languages TESOL can be done domestically or abroad, but for those who do teach internationally, this is another valuable experience. For anyone hoping to move into international work, some time working and living abroad will be crucial in obtaining further work. But even for those who eventually hope to work domestically, international experience teaches invaluable problem-solving skills. English teachers living abroad may also have the opportunity to become fluent in one or more languages, and this can be also be a big career boost particularly if the language is one that is in demand.

Grasp of the English Language

Most native English speakers speak and write the language instinctively rather than relying on a set of grammar rules as a language learner would. However, this does mean that even native speakers sometimes make mistakes in their own language. Teaching English as a second language, however, will give one a new grasp on the structure of one’s own language and the reasons behind those structures as well as enabling one to explain that structure to others. Improved writing and communication skills are an asset to any career, and a later career in teaching or editing will in particular benefit from this aspect.

Developing Creativity and Flexibility

Teaching English to speakers of other languages involves both of these. Because the classes are usually conducted in English, one…

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