The Car Breakdown Cover for the Winter Season

Damp, moist and rainy weather is deadly towards a car. These vehicles run more smoothly if the weather is warmer as the movement of the car parts becomes easier and more fluid. In the snow or the rain, vehicles suffer from a number of problems like wheel skidding and battery failures that can leave the owner of the car stranded. This can be dangerous in the cold weather which offers little visibility and is generally harder for travel on foot.

Figures from prominent newspapers and car breakdown cover websites show that winter is the season when most people’s cars are likely to stop functioning properly. This is the season where the breakdown companies see a boom in their sales and people from all over the country come to them for help. Statistics suggest that breakdown calls increase by almost twenty five percent during winters. This is why it becomes necessary to go for a cover against breakdown. Here are a few must-haves in the breakdown cover during the winter.

The car breakdown cover should be prepared for car battery failure

Battery failure during the winter season is the number one reason of the car coming to a halt. Data shows that twenty-five percent of call-outs during the entire year are because of battery failure. Researchers say that about a third of the calls for breakdown assistance during the winter season are because of a failed battery. The main reason for this is that batteries are put under a lot of strain during winters. Heaters are on, along with an increase in the use of head-lights and windscreen wipers.

As a result, patrol squads for roadside assistance should be prepared for this at all times. They should have the appliances that are needed to jump start the battery. Along with that, many batteries can just reach the end of their lives during winters so it would be better if clients tell their car breakdown cover firms about this and pay them for the cost of a new battery (as simple roadside aid will not cover…

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