The Best Way To Serve A Section 21 Notice

An eviction procedure is not necessarily straightforward, giving a section 21 notice is one area which demands a good understanding before it is done. A property owner would like to ensure that the eviction will go faultlessly, this will demand a good understanding of existing legal guidelines. Nevertheless, any landlord can serve a Section 21 Notice to his / her tenant, provided that he / she knows the conditions that should be meet as well as the rules that need to be adhered to.

Typically, the Section 21 will always come into play whenever a landlord likes to get possession of their premises. It’s available in 2 types: Section 21 (a), that is utilized if the tenancy can be periodic, and Section 21 (b), which is used if the tenancy is for a fixed term. On the other hand, it’s worth to bring up that a fixed term tenancy needs to have concluded before a Section 21 can be made.

A Section 21 eviction notice must be sent two months ahead of time to the moment you expect your tenant to vacate the premises. The eight weeks period of notice serves as a leeway for your tenant. When a tenant hasn’t gotten the notice yet, the tenant can remain in the premises for two more months, even when the contract is about to end.

Apart from serving with registered mail, a notice can be served face to face as well. When it’s handled face to face the landlord knows the notice was received by the tenant. It is wise to have a witness whenever the notice is provided. Less reliable can be to leave the notice in the tenant’s post box or just delivering it by UK mail. Obviously, doing this may possibly pose some potential problems. It could be a problem when the notice is missing in the mail, such may well not happen very often however it could certainly happen.

Additionally, you can make a Section 21 Notice via fax or maybe email, however those are the least reliable ways as it’s often impossible to say beyond doubt whether they have been in fact read. Fax and e-mail must in particular not…

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