The Best TV Shows of 2017

‘Rosehaven’ (SundanceNow) This Australian fishes-out-of-water comedy, created by its stars, Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor, is about neurotic big-city best friends who find themselves running a family real-estate business in a small town in Tasmania. Affable and human, it’s the mirror-world version of terrible-twosome shows like “You’re the Worst” or “Catastrophe.”

Call My Agent! (Netflix) A show-business comedy about a boutique talent agency in Paris that seems to represent every French actor you’ve ever heard of, “Call My Agent!” is polished to a high shine and features the best as-themselves cameos — by a roster that includes Nathalie Baye, Isabelle Adjani and Juliette Binoche — since “The Larry Sanders Show.”

Norsemen (Netflix) A deadpan spoof of bloody, bawdy historical-ish dramas like “Vikings” and “Game of Thrones,” the Norwegian “Norsemen” puts contemporary words and ideas in the mouths and brains of 8th-century marauders to hilarious effect. (A chieftain returning from a raid beats a newly captured slave, then sadly reflects on the limits of “fear-based leadership.”) There’s some Monty Python here and a lot of “The Office,” with Kare Conradi marvelous in the role of the Viking village’s pusillanimous Michael Scott.

Line of Duty (Hulu) Hulu had a banner year for British shows with “Harlots” and “National Treasure,” but the fourth season of this perennial procedural favorite makes the list for Thandie Newton’s tightly wound performance as a detective suspected of cooking evidence. The plot takes some typically wild turns but Ms. Newton is believable in the most unlikely circumstances.

‘Stranger’ (Netflix) The murder mystery “Stranger” has less of the usual awkwardness and obviousness of many South Korean dramas as well as another big advantage: It stars the immensely likable Bae Doo-na as a fearless cop.

The 10 Best Shows That Ended in 2017

Cue up the Boyz II Men: It’s hard to say goodbye. Among the rich bounties of 2017’s TV offerings came some tough finales — some abrupt and unwelcome, some thoughtful and intentional.

To qualify for this list, shows had to air an episode during the 2017 calendar year. This list does not include shows designed as one-season mini-series. Finally, this list considers the show’s entire existence, not just its swan song. — MARGARET…

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