The Best Countries in the World to Retire

International Living, an expatriate lifestyle magazine, ranked countries around the world in terms of housing, cost of living, culture, health, safety, and climate. This ranking has been conducted to find out the best retirement locations in the world.

Ecuador tops the list, having the lowest cost of housing and living and having a pleasant climate. For instance, Cuenca, its third largest city, demands a cost of living of $17,000 a year. The colonial city features some spectacular architecture and contemporary communities. There are also shopping venues around.

It is not easy to pick the right places because many factors have to be considered. People in the retirement age have special needs that their hometowns may not be able to provide them. These people need comfort, relaxation, safety, and good health care facilities. Unfortunately, not every place in the world offers such benefits.

Keep in mind that the best countries may have areas where living could be unfavorable. Mexico, for instance, is another ideal country for expats. But Puerto Vallarta of Mexico does not offer a convenient life for many retirees. Tepic, which is a smaller town north, may be better in terms of cost of living.

At the same time, there are regional variations in the way of living in each country. For instance, in Ecuador, retirees can stay in Cotacachi and other elevated, cool towns. They may also stay in fishing villages or urban towns of Quito and Cuenca. Each city or town has unique characteristics.

United States is not one of the top ten best retirement locations in the world. Aside from having a generally high cost of living, the country also does not fare well in terms of special benefits being given to retirees. One of the least favorable countries is UK, which has high housing prices and cost of living.

Aside from Mexico and Ecuador, other important places for retirees are Caribbean, Panama, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and Spain. Expats seeking where to retire…

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