The Benefits Homeowners Should Understand About Home Security Systems

The number of property crimes in the country has been declining steadily since the 1980s. There are currently 3,520 property crimes for every 100,000 people each year. Nearly 42 percent of these crimes involved property theft. Over 60 percent of these thefts targeted residential homes. A home security system will help to protect a house and family from this type of crime. Security systems monitor many different aspects of a home. Some sense when doors or windows are opened. Others detect motion in different rooms. Homeowners who are considering installing a security system will want to understand some key benefits.


The main benefit of a security system in the home is safety. All systems will sound an alarm if an intruder attempts to enter the home while the sensors are active. The alarm could be a loud sound or a combination of visual and audio indicators. The alarm might also automatically alert local authorities that an intruder is trying to enter the home. This can prevent property theft or damage. It will also alert anyone inside of the house so that members of the family can stay aware and get to a safe location.


Home security systems are very valuable because they will work constantly whether the family is home or not. Some even have backup power supplies so that the system works even if a storm or other issue causes a power outage. This means that families can travel for days or weeks at a time without worrying about the state of the house. Some larger systems have wireless cameras and other sensors that families can check from any location with an Internet connection. This provides peace of mind while away from the house.

Environmental Warnings

Modern home security systems often have a variety of different sensors in order to protect the residents of the house. A system could have sensors to detect carbon monoxide, smoke and fire. Some include thermal sensors that detect changes in temperature. All of these can be used to keep a family safe…

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