The beginning of corporate limousine

Market capitalism has been the major source for a means of production, as our society is claiming to be the capitalistic society; it has influenced the social aspects of our social life. The rise of capitalistic society is directly proportional to the rise of corporate society, a theory that is approved. As we know the corporate world is taking the form of globalization. It is creating ambiguity for regular people to  understand its true potential but more we take it to the deeper level; we come to know with the insights that corporate world as we know is all about the excellence and success, gained through the perfection.

Perfection often comes through the good personality. And a good personality is revealed through professionalism. Beside, work ethic, professionalism is often reflected through the most dignified and splendid things in modern world and automobile also have been one the influential part of corporate culture. Maintaining one’s status in a corporate society by means of corporate limousine has been popular customs. Limousine has always been preferred by the elites in early days, during 18th and 19th century, stagecoach (early form of Limousine) was widely used by businessmen in their business trips and meetings.

Limousine took its holistic approach when John Grettenberger, a general manager of Cadillac Division and developer Donald trump came with an idea of enhancing limousine in to Ideal limousine. The Ideal limousine was equipped with sophisticated materials such as Italian leather, wool carpeting, Upholstery and Blaupunkt stereo system further it was set with the NEC cellular phone featuring two handsets, a portable FAX machine slides. Limousine was designed with real true vision, extremely keeping the corporate transportation in mind. Thus, there was birth (beginning) of corporate limousine to serve the corporate beings.

Corporate Limousine is continuing its journey, expanding its technology, further in advance approach. Dia…

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