The backbone of industry: the trucking company

Any trucking company has a fleet of trailers that enable the loads to be transported into storage yards and pipeline right of ways around the country safely, especially rental equipment.  The specialized hauling is always performed by very experienced drivers who benefit from many years of experience with hazardous loads. Almost all the drivers usually have more than 10 years’ experience and a considerable percentage have tenure exceeding 20 years.

The trailers are equipped with metal chocks/blocks that are adjusted so the rental equipment is held safely in place while being transported over rough and uneven terrain. The trailers are constructed so the rear tandem axel steers near the same tracks as the tractor by using cables that alternate from one side of the tractor to the opposite sides of the trailer and the bolster on the trailer has a turn table that allows the trailer to steer.


All safety procedures are followed at all times by a trucking company. They have been responsible for many of the safety regulations and innovations regarding transportation and the handling of rental equipment that have been installed over the years, including the precise blocking and securing of loads. The companies usually utilize cranes and aluminum end hooks on most small diameter pipeline projects and excavators and vacuum lifts are used on most large diameter projects for the pipe handling involved in pipe hauling.

The over length loads are often delivered into very difficult terrain and conditions requiring special load securing techniques. All of the trucks utilized in the transportation operations have towing packages equipped that allow the truck and the trailer to be towed in adverse conditions. When the conditions get too harsh for the stringing truck to go down the right of way the pipe is transported on specialized equipment that is able to traverse the mud or deep sand on the right of way.

The trucking company will utilize safety supervisors on all…

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