The Art of Charm Challenge Responsible for Massive Transformation- Men and Women From Diverse Backgrounds Experience Record Relationship and Career Growth

Upon sign-up participants receive an exclusive invitation to a private website where they’re guided through a ten week beginner’s course that includes videos and real-world missions to actively improve their lives.

The ADAA reports that approximately 15 million American adults now suffer from a consistent fear of rejection, how others perceive and react to them, and of speaking to or in front of their peers. These tell-tale signs of social anxiety, a condition that leads to a pattern of avoidance behaviors that leave a measurable impact on both the personal and professional lives of those affected, have placed massive restrictions on the opportunities that could have been in the absence of such rampant self-doubt and paralyzing fear.

Fortunately, The Art of Charm, a Los Angeles-based group of three social dynamics experts who have been studying human behavior and interaction for more than a decade have observed this trend of disconnect and hypersensitivity that results from a negative internal dialogue and an adaptation to acceptance of a need for external validation. Relationship building and networking gurus Jordan Harbinger, AJ Harbinger, and Johnny Dzubak, recognized a need for a solution – a means to pull people back into a mindset and behavior pattern that facilitate growth, self-acknowledgement, and opportunity – results that will only originate and thrive from the development of a positive internal dialogue and a foundation of confidence that serves as the fuel for pushing oneself out of a self-restricting comfort zone. Their top downloaded The Art of Charm podcast was built upon the needs of their audience, leading them to create state of the art programs designed to help even the most anxious of social networkers build what they’ve termed, social capital.

As more and more people search for a remedy for their limiting social impairments, thousands of men and women who are tired of feeling stuck are discovering The Art of Charm no-risk, social media based Challenge program that invites participants to conquer their fears and build a lasting confidence.

It’s working. Participants from every socioeconomic level, both male and female, at any stage of personal and professional development, rave about the results…

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