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Friday, June 30, the Los Angeles Angels are giving away patriotic cowboy hats. The giveaway may lead to another world record at the stadium.


The Mad Hatter originated in the Lewis Carroll book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” in 1865. Carroll wore many hats because in addition to author he was a mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon and photographer. In his books, Carroll never referred to the character as the Mad Hatter.


Mad Hatter? It’s an actual diagnosis from the effects of prolonged exposure to mercury vapors used in production of felt.

Felt? The beaver was on the verge of extinction because it was over hunted to make felt. Other small animals were used in making felt, especially rabbits.

Rabbits? The first magician to pull a rabbit out of a hat was Louis Comte in France in 1814. The king of France was wowed by his trick.

Trick? The term “hat trick” originated in the 1850s when a famous cricket player scored on three consecutive deliveries and received a hat. The term is used in many other sports.

Sports? In baseball the umpires originally wore top hats, but they wear caps in the modern era.

Era? New Era Cap Co. is the largest maker of sports hats in the U.S. Its weekly average is about 72,000 hats.

72,000 hats? That’s nothing. American Roger Legried had 109,000 hats when he died in 2011, the largest collection, according to Guinness World Records.

World Records? The largest gathering of people wearing cowboy hats, 39,013, was at Angel Stadium on June 2, 2012. The Angels played their rivals The Texas Rangers.

Texas Rangers? They wear cowboy hats made by the Stetson company that was founded in 1865. The company makes hundreds of styles for men and women,some worn by presidents and featured in many films.

Films? The Smithsonian Institution has many famous hats worn by actors, including Fess Parker’s coonskin cap from “Davy Crockett,” Heisenberg’s porkpie from “Breaking Bad” and Indiana Jones’…

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