The Advantages Of Using a Pump Chain

Firstly let us determine what a pump lifting chain really is.

Pump lifting chains or pump chains are designed with the sole objective of retrieving under water pumps out of their often very deep down, wet location.

So what actually is a submersible pump? Let’s have a look:

A submersible pump is exactly what its title suggests, it is a pump that will pump out water and other liquids from beneath the water level (submersed). They are generally utilised in bore holes, wells, mines, water and sewage areas, industrial and slurry pumping, mining, seawater handling and also fire fighters will utilize them. They can be positioned under water for prolonged durations, and are sometimes permanently left in place in some areas.

Submersible pumps not only need lowering into place but additionally raising out, this tends to frequently be very hard especially if down a deep borehole. A pump chain offers the usually only answer and is intended specifically for this function.

So why are pump chains special?

A pump chain is primarily a chain made with links in the usual way, but they not only possess bigger master links at each end for easier attachment purposes, but additionally at every one metre increment. This is so that the pump may be raised in 1 metre increments by attaching each master link to the hoisting machine progressively.

As submersible pumps are used in remote areas and generally deep underground, for extensive durations the pump lifting chain is also left in situ, because seeing as the pump is beneath water, very deep down, it’ll need to be retrieved at some point for maintenance or extraction.  The upper end of the chain will be securely located just below the surface, somewhere where it is simple to reach, to enable it to be attached to a lifting device. Some form of lifting system will definitely be required to lift the pump, to begin with some kind of hoist will be required, this can be a simple chain block, lever hoist or else electric hoist providing power is obtainable; the lifting apparatus will clearly need to suspend from some type of framework in order for it to operate properly, for this kind of application a tripod style structure will be positioned across the pump hole, to which the hoist will be attached. Tripods are utilised seeing that they are able to be moved and erected reasonably easily in isolated and tricky locations. The raising of the pump can be a slow and laborious task, but a required one. Because of the deepness of the…

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