The 7 Useful Signals You Should Know When Driving

Do you get irritated when your fellow drivers don’t follow the rules? Have you encountered drivers waving their hands as signals to make you aware of something? Yes, communication with fellow drivers can be helpful but not sending the right signals can lead to frantic pantomime and cause displeasure. To help motorists and drivers communicate rightly with their co-drivers, the ‘National Motorist Association’, has created 7 useful signals to be used for conveying message accurately. Read on to know the seven signals designed by the association.

Expressing Thankfulness and Gratitude:

When driving down the road you might come across drivers offering help and support in some way or the other. It is good to thank the driver and express gratitude for the help offered by him or her. To express your appreciation you need to show ‘thumps up’ and it would express it all.

Light Indication Signal:

There are at times when you come across drivers having a burnt headlight or left the blinker unknowingly on, which can lead to problems. You can help the driver get the blinker off or learn about the burnt headlight by communicating it appropriately. To indicate this problem, you have to close and open your hand in a way that your fingertips and the tip of the thumb touch each other.

Need Help Signal:

Life of the road might not be smooth all the time and there might be times when you would land having some problem. In times of an emergency, you should get down from your vehicle and try out the ‘Need Assistance’ signal. You can do so by making a ‘T’ sign using both your hands. Ensure not trying this while driving, as this can be dangerous.

Lane Courtesy Signal:

Why not show your good mannerisms to your fellow drivers? You can do so when making an attempt to pass a slow automobile. Flip the left blinker light on and off, four to 6 times. If the slower automobile does not notice your signal, quickly flip your headlights on and off.

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