The 5th Way Team Discusses Physical Fitness by Addison C. Arthur

The 5th Way Team Discusses Physical Fitness
 by: Addison C. Arthur

It is Wendell’s first time with the 5th Way team at their gym. Let’s see what happens through Wendell’s eyes.

Addison: “Wendell, since this is your first time here I would like for you to just go around the gym observing what everyone is doing, then come to me last.”

Wendell: “Okay, Addison.”

Addison: “Alright, everyone have a great workout and I will see you in the dining area for refreshments afterwards.”

Wendell: Boy, this is so exciting. I can’t wait to see this! Hhhhmmmm… I think I will start with Zhi and work my way from there. There he is. Wow, Zhi is doing some kind of Tai Chi form. He is so graceful, so captivating to watch. I could sit here all day just watching him.


Ah, someone must be in the pool swimming. I will check it out. Oh my goodness, Waneta is naked in the pool!!! How embarrassing. (His face is turning red) I better get out of here before she catches me looking at her. I have to say she does seem to be in very good shape for her age though. Whew!

“Ooooosh…. Eeeyiii!!!”

What was that? Oh, Naruto and Catharsis are doing some kind of martial art. Wow, they are great…I can see why Naruto is in charge of security for the team. (laughing) Even when he is doing martial arts, Catharsis is a character! Well, I better move on and see what Kailoken is up to.

Hhhhmmmm…why Kailoken is just sitting there looking at the weights. “Sorry to disturb you Kailoken but are you not working out today?”

Kailoken: “Good timing on your part there. Would you please remove 20 pounds of weight off that bar for me?”

Wendell: “Why sure I will. Are you doing bench presses?”

Kailoken: “Actually, I am lifting the weight with my mind. It seemed a little heavy so I asked you to remove the extra weight.”

Wendell: (rolling his eyes) “Well, I will let you get back to your workout there. Talk with you later.” That Kailoken is a real nutcase. You never know what he is going to do. Okay, well, that leaves Addison… I better get on over there.

Addison: “Wendell, I see you have made the rounds already. As you can see I am in the middle of my aerobic workout. This Nordic Track gives a great workout. Why don’t you take about 25 minutes, get a good workout on your own and meet up with the rest of us later?”

Wendell: “Will do, Addison.”

— The team is forming up in the dining area—

Wendell: “Hello, everyone.” “Greetings” “Namaste” “Welcome” “As salaam alikum” “Aho”…

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