The 10 best designs from Ikea’s amazing 2018 catalog

By now, you probably know that the Ikea 2018 catalog is in stores and online. The Swedish retailers’s new slogan, Making room for life, is its way of expressing what we all want: to surround ourselves with things we love, whether we live in a tiny house or a mansion.

In Ikea’s world of smart design, inexpensive accessories can make your house look like a million bucks, and clever furnishings come in cool shapes. But I also love how the catalog shows off those irresistible products in settings that inspire us to use our creativity to make it all work together.

Ikea encourages us to add interest to our homes using inexpensive, eye-catching accessories like this Tillsyn hourglass.

One improvement for 2018 is Ikea’s emphasis on sustainability. The company turns recycled plastic, glass, and leather into products we crave. Its Odger chair, Backig dinnerware, and Osternes handles are examples of that commitment.

The new catalog is in U.S. stores now, and the digital version is available online. When you see it, look for these trends:

1. Embrace dark, moody colors.

Credit: Ikea

Ikea is using deep colors and images of nature to show off their products in the 2018 catalog. The rich green Nodebo rug is for sale. The peacock is not.

In this catalog, Ikea shocks by photographing its furnishings against deep green and rich blue walls. It’s a surprising addition to the mostly white and gray palette you might associate with the Ikea, and I like it. Black kitchen cabinets are a trend now, too, and they add serious drama to the busiest room in the house.

2. Accent with light, bright colors.

Credit: Ikea

Picture a pair of these yellow Koarp armchairs in a living room setting. If you have space in a bedroom, you can use a bright, comfortable chair like this to create a little reading nook for yourself.

Brilliant yellow chairs and accessories are like streaks of lightning, illuminating rooms that include them. If the backgrounds are dark, you need something bright for balance. The yellow Koarp armchair looks so bright and comfortable, it could be the focal point of your kid’s playroom or your living room—even if that’s the same room.

3. Glitz is good.

Credit: Ikea

Brass cutlery like Tillagd provides the finishing touch to a place setting, contrasting well with colored plates. Matte…

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