Thali restaurants for a perfect meal


Food is central to any celebration. Every festivity calls for the most scrumptious of fare. Birthday parties are incomplete without the colossal serving of cake. The soft, moist layers sandwiching generous dollops of butter cream frosting coated with more sugary frosting with a luscious red cherry sitting pretty right at the centre is a common sight on birthdays. Weddings are incomplete with the extraordinary lavish fare. Elaborately dressed men and women nattering pointlessly and ravenously making their way to the extended buffet table boasting of steaming hot curries, different rice preparations complete with a table for scrumptious dessert is a sight that is very usual. Indians love to celebrate. Veg thali is a perfect accompaniment when you wish to celebrate life.

A thali is a lip smacking assortment of curries, vegetable preparations and rice preparations that form a complete meal. If eating the same old home cooked food has left you craving for some variety, then head to your nearest thali restaurant. You will be amazed at the number of dishes that you can polish off while at such a restaurant. Vegetarians get to revel in traditional Indian fare whereas non vegetarians get to sample some delectable delicacies that they did not even know existed. There is something for everyone here. For those who find vegetarian food revolting will be pleasantly surprised as the warm morsels make their way into your mouth bursting their rich yet subtle flavours and making you fall in love with them.

the basic components of a thali are the simple vegetables that you come across in your home cooked meals everyday with a twist. What makes these vegetable preparations matchless is the unique blend of spices that pack a punch in these dishes. Toss in a variety of cooking techniques and you have a perfectly cooked vegetable shaak or sabzi that will leave you salivating. Curries loaded with yoghurt and tempered with a delectable blend of aromatic spices like mustard,…

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