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Thailand: Explore the sights in Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan


Stretch out 

The horizon takes on a pink-golden glow in the early morning on the sub-tropical island of Koh Samui and across the beach of the Silavadee Resort.

There couldn’t be a more inspiring and calming spot for a wake-up yoga session. Palm trees, luminous-white sand and the gentle lapping of the sea is the backdrop for our class.

It proves to be more intensive than we thought and at the end of it we’re invigorated, if not a little exhausted, yet strangely ready for more.

Fight club 

Working out in a gym is so last year, everyone is now into boxing; the full body workout.

Muay Thai boxing is known as the art of eight limbs because you use exactly that. This superfast combat sport works the whole body with you barely noticing.

I gingerly started my hour’s class in the open-air boxing area right on the beach. The instructor, very patiently, coached me through the basic movements of stepping, hitting and kicking, which had us in fits of laughter as I fell to the ground, trying to kick him. 

What lies beneath

Surrounding part of the Silavadee Pool Spa Resort ( are huge boulders, which butt up against the pool and hotel walls, while on another side, the beach is devoid of anything more lumpy than a tiny shell, its pristine coral sands as smooth as powder.

I tiptoe into the mirror-calm waters, rock shoes on, snorkel at the ready and explore the dramatic underworld of jagged rocks, neon-coloured fish and corals. 


The Silavadee Pool Spa Resort’s infinity pool is the ideal place to relax


The Silavadee Pool Spa Resort restaurant

Falling for you

Nothing could prepare me for my first sight of the tumbling Na Muang waterfall.

With gushing waters cascading over purple boulders surrounded by the lush rainforest, it was a welcome and dramatic show of nature after our trek in the 30C humidity. The falls cascade into two different pools, from great heights of 260ft and 60ft.

You might be lucky enough to spot people on an elephant trek as they swathe through the forest to the lower pool. Cool off in waters that hover around 20C. 


Imagine having your own hot tub stuck in the middle of a luscious garden? The Silavadee Pool Spa Resort can offer you that.

Within the resort is a private beach, infinity pool and buffet-style restaurant. Rooms are colonial in style, with lots of natural woods; some with balconies, others with private pools and ocean…

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