THAI FOOD: Scintillating and Deliciously Healthy

Where else can you find all the fine flavours in a single dish? Only in Thai food.  That all the flavours you seek out such as salt, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter converge in a single plate of Thai Food can be amazing. But the delights of Thai food are no hype but a revelation. It is a recipe in healthy diet and is being rediscovered internationally for its manifold benefits as a personal health booster.

First Impression

Thai food is aesthetically impressive and superb in taste. Thai dishes can be spicy and hot but the use of fresh ingredients and lots of fruits and nuts make it healthy for the whole body. On the lighter side of Thai foods are soups and salads.

Direct Gains

Thai food brings to mind an array of green curries.  Replete with vegetables and ingredients, Thai dishes have ingredients in small quantities of fat and meat. Low in fat appeal sends out a positive message to health conscious people about the virtues of Thai food. So the obvious health gains from Thai food are the following

·   Stay Healthy

·   Be Slim

·   Lose Weight

Very Popular

The aroma of Thai food is mind boggling and everything becomes palatable with the addition of fresh herbs such as basil, coriander, lemongrass and chillies. Vegetables like bamboo shoots, tomato, cucumber, and lemon grass make Thai food special. Rice has a special place in Thai food which bulks up in cooking but is less dense and fattening. The leafy vegetables in side dishes restrict the urge for overeating of rice.

So the first impression that Thai Food makes is,

·   Diverse Ingredients

·   Smaller Slices of Meat

·   More fish

·   Best Rice

·   No overcooking

Dignity of Eating

Foodies  argue that Buddhist ideals are behind the preparation and serving of Thai food. Says the promoter of THE ROYAL BUDHA, a Thai Food restaurant in Dubai, “Buddhist ideals insist that a food be savoured gentle. Thai food demands that you take time to eat it and enjoy than overeating”. 

Balanced Food

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