TGW Announces the Addition of Smart Glasses to Their Lifetime Services (LTS) Packages

New technology for TGW service technicians

“This new maintenance approach is not only valuable for our customers who get even better service, but also helps our service engineers get accurate and timely support, while at the same time having both hands free to react immediately,” Knogler says.

It’s a simple approach with a huge effect, making the diagnostics process more precise, efficient and effective. And above all: faster. Smart Glasses now empower TGW’s on-site engineers to solve customer challenges more quickly than ever before.

TGW’s Lifetime Services experts work with to customers during the entire life cycle of material handling installations, looking for opportunities to optimize customer operations every day. They not only modernize the systems at the customer sites, but also modernize their own processes.

“Our on-site engineers are now using a new Augmented Reality tool which vastly optimizes maintenance activities. They are equipped with Smart Glasses — an intelligent eyewear — that they use to connect with the remote maintenance teams and communicate with them directly in real time,” explains Christoph Knogler, Director of Lifetime Services at TGW Logistics Group.

A somewhat different view

The advantages are extensive. First, the Smart Glasses enable TGW’s services engineers to enter a whole new remote maintenance era. “The engineers put on the glasses and directly connect to the hotline teams. Supported by the back office experts, they are able to accelerate and simplify the troubleshooting process,” Knogler adds.

The principle is simple: four eyes sometimes see more than two. And if this happens synchronously, quickly and accurately, the solution can typically be found after only a few mouse clicks.

Via the on-site engineer’s Smart Glasses, hotline employees get a direct view into the customer’s site and are able to see (via their computer screen) how to best proceed during maintenance or troubleshooting work. Further, when connected to TGW’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) service engineers have access to maintenance-relevant information as needed. They simply have to take a brief look at the respective system component to which a QR code is attached for…

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